We are a software development company focused on quality

Our teams are composed of highly skilled professionals with proven experience in graphics, multimedia and connectivity.


Our developers build products that run on smartphones, internet tablets, TVs, media centers and infotainment systems.

We are really full stack: mobile & web applications, servers, cloud computing platforms; low-level developments such as WebKit, Linux Kernel and userspace.


We work together with our customers, sharing our experience and best practices, delivering early and often.

Respecting deadlines & milestones in order to have your product in the market in the proposed schedule.

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Software development, consultancy and training services

We're flexible to our customer's needs. Software development contracts are usually about time & materials (if open scope, then a team is allocated to work on tasks defined as the project evolves) or closed scope (if requirements are well defined and will not change during the project execution).


Eye Attention to detail

Calendar Meeting deadlines

Code Best usage of the technology

Flexible Fast adaptation to new tech and client needs

We're more than a Software Factory
_ Specialties

Mobile Apps

Native iOS and Android, React Native, Flutter


Web Apps

React, Flutter, Angular, Vue

IoT and Servers

Servers & Cloud

Node.JS, Python, Ruby, Java, Rust, Golang and others



Zephyr and Linux Kernel & userspace



Graphic, Multimedia and Communication

Service monitors

Technical posts

Proficiency in conveying one's expertise is a priceless skill to possess. That's why our team members are always sharing their knowledge and experience with the community. Explore our collection of Medium posts covering a diverse range of topics!

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We're hiring!

Do you consider yourself an outstanding developer that loves to write high quality code? Do you do careful code reviews? Are you a fast learner willing to understand how the whole software stack works?

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Speed up your career

  • Highly skilled colleagues and code review as a company mantra
  • We value merit over certificates or career time
  • Contribute to open source projects

Focus on innovation

  • Openness to trying innovative, trending technologies
  • Deal with new complex problems instead of repeating the same work over and over again
  • We're more than a software factory!

Software development services

  • No legacy code to maintain
  • Work dynamically between tech areas

We value your work

  • Good salaries and benefits
  • Company founded and managed by software developers
  • Great place to work!

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