ProFUSION embedded systems

ProFUSION embedded systems was a software development company created in 2008 by Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri and Ulisses Furquim Freire da Silva. The company was then acquired by Intel Corporation on February 5th 2013:

I am very pleased to announce that ProFUSION Embedded Systems was acquired by Intel Corporation on February 5th. ProFUSION was a privately held company based in Campinas, Brazil specializing in user interface (UI) application design and development, graphics and animation, HTML5, and web technologies expertise focused on consumer devices. The team also has key expertise in the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL) which is a key component of the Tizen* mobile stack. The main focus for these new employees will be on UI and application development for mobile products, enabling graphics capabilities and performance, as well as increasing our influence and capabilities in HTML5 and web technologies. All of us in the Open Source Technology Center, which is part of the System Software Division in the Software and Services Group, are excited to work with our new colleagues, and are looking forward to the opportunities ahead.

- Imad Sousou, Director, OTC